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Public Tenders for medical device companies (Q&A lunch session)

During this interactive Q&A lunch session the speakers will discuss and provide practical guidance and advice on current hot topics in public procurement on the basis of questions submitted by the participants. On the basis of upfront submitted questions by participants, a selection of the most relevant and interesting questions/topics will be made and (interactively) discussed during the session. Furthermore there will be a possibility to ask follow up questions at the end of the session. This Q&A Lunch session is primarily intended for those who already have experience with public procurement in Belgium.
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Financing of medical consumabels- Focus on CRPPP-CTFPV

9h30-10h30 Info session CRPPP-CTFPV (beMedTech) • 10h30-11h Obligations of the companies (Team RIZIV INAMI) • 11h - 12h Tips and tricks (Team RIZIV INAMI) • 12h: Sandwich lunch
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Extern personeel in het operatiekwartier

Dit is een 2daagse opleiding die bestaat uit 2 complementaire modules. Module 1: 28/05/2024 Module 2: 07/06/2024
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AI Act & the impact on MedTech

More information on the exact program & speakers will follow soon! You can already save the date !
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Opleiding voor biotechniekers uit industrie en ziekenhuis

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1 day infosession with FAGG/AFMPS/FAMHP. Register here already online so you can be sure you do not have to miss out on this event. More details will follow soon.
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Algemene vergadering beMedTech

Save the date ! More info will follow soon!
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